We are pleased to offer special astronomy programming designed to help Boy and Girl Scouts earn merit badges in Astronomy. $3 per scout with a minimum charge of $25 for a 1 hour workshop, with an additional $25 flat rate for an extended activity in the Yahng center. 1 free adult per 8 scouts.

Activities we will provide

In the Planetarium:

  1. Identify at least 10 constellations, including constellations of the zodiac. Sketch what you see.
    1. Explain the significance of the zodiac.
    2. Identify 10 bright stars that are visible at different times of the year.
  2. Observe and define circumpolar motion. Name at least three circumpolar constellations. Sketch what you see.
  3. Identify the five visible planets. Indicate which planets are currently visible in the sky and in which constellations they are located.
  4. Describe the difference between the daily and yearly motion of the Sun, Moon and planets in the sky.
  5. Observe the phases of the Moon.
  6. If the weather is clear, observe the Moon and visible planets through a reflecting telescope. Locate at least five seasonal constellations or asterisms in the southern sky.

In the Yahng Discovery Center:

  1. Model and explain the phases of the Moon. Construct a Moon phase calendar.
  2. Explore the myths associated with seasonal constellations from a variety of cultures.
  3. Construct a planisphere for observing constellations.
  4. Learn the difference between a refracting and reflecting telescope and how each works.